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Niles North Theatre presents…


The hit musical “Hairspray” comes to the auditorium stage on March 5 through 7. “Hairspray,” with music by Marc Shaiman, lyrics by Scott Wittman and Shaiman and a book by Mark O’Donnell and Thomas Meehan, is based upon the 1988 John Waters film. The story takes place in 1960s Baltimore, where overweight teenager Tracy Turnblad’s dream is to dance on The Corny Collins Show, a local TV dance program. Tracy gets a role on the show, becomes a celebrity, and launches a campaign to integrate the show. Hairspray is a social commentary on racial injustice during the 1960s. This show has it all–romance, infectious tunes, delightful production numbers, big hair, and familiar faces…all converging on the Niles North stage.

This year Niles North celebrated its 50-year anniversary, and invited graduates of Niles North High School and Niles East High School to audition for this musical extravaganza. More than 30 alumni are taking part in this show.

Performances are at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 6 and 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 7. Tickets are $10 per person. Call the Box Office at (847) 626-2122. A free community performance will be held at 10 a.m. on Thursday, March 5. No tickets are needed for the community performance.

The cast for “Hairspray” (D219 alumni are marked with asterisk *): Katie Bean as Tracy Turnblad; Teresa Franks as Penny Pingleton; Violette Shearer as Amber Von Tussle; Natalie Aleman as Velma Von Tussle; Martin Dubin* as Corny Collins; Tommy Montgomery as Link; Council Ensemble: Megan Baskin*, Elizabeth Casem, Nina Codell, Hannah Doherty, Elizabeth Keegan, Jamie Petit, Hannah Sahyouni, Margaret Selinger, Jacob Bernstein, Nelson Chen, Jonathan Eisenstein, Zac Luna, Joseph Nagler, Jacob Rosenberg, Geoff Schmelzer, Eric Simon, Robin Wallace and Spencer Soglin; Rebecca Moody* as Motormouth Mabelle; Tyrone Phillips* as Seaweed J. Stubbs; Uche Nwansi as Little Inez; Detention/Record Shop Ensemble: Jacob Austria, Gabrielle Dizon, Ankit Gandhi, Bailey Green, Jamaul Murray, Nina Rickett-Green, Kristen Sadorra, Joanna Vaklin, Heeah Banerjee, Joe Isip, Simon Gebremedhin, Makayla Lewis, Bryanna Plaisir, Ruth Rivera, Anaje Silva, and Jarvell Williams; Joe Sochacki* as Edna Turnblad; Jeffrey West* as Wilbur Turnblad; Nancy Jaffe-Faloona* as Prudy Pingleton; Esho Rasho as Penny’s Brother; Baltimore Ensemble: Faye Bulaclac*, Kayla Chinitz, Emi Kanda, Corey Lubowich*, Chris Nguyen, Jessica Ost*, Carissa Yau, Tricia Bulaclac*, Norman Fox*, Rosalie Koontz*, Sara McGuinn*, Carrie Ost*, and Emma Vaughan; and Dynamites: Gabrielle Dizon, Bryanna Plaisir and Ruth Rivera.

Production Staff:  Timothy Ortmann*, Director; Jennifer Page, Orchestra Director; Daniel Gregerman, Choral Director; Zach Zirlin*, Scenic Designer; Annaliisa Ahlman, Technical Director; Kristy Hall*, Costume Designer; Teresa Ripley, Costume Supervisor; Daniel Friedman*, Lighting Designer; Michael Rourke, Lighting Supervisor; Tim Veach, Choreographer; Barbara Reeder, Production Manager; Tyrone Phillips*, Assistant Director; Madeline Martin, Stage Manager; Brian Fallon, Hair Designer; Madison Kartcheske, Properties Designer; Martina Scofano, Assisting Lighting Designer; Danielle Kropveld, Assistant Production Manager; Linda Room and Anita Scanlon*, Costume Assistants; Lauren Schmelzer*, Dance Assistant; Simon Gebremedhin and Hannah Sahyouni, Rehearsal Assistants; Robert Dietz and Anita Turner-Baker, Rehearsal Accompanist; Daniel Raymond, Choral Student Teacher; Ken Otsuka* and Zach Zirlin*, Promotional Materials; and Debbie Neitlich and Anne Zavell, Production Assistants.

The crew:

Deck Crew Headers: Nathaniel Schetter and Elizabeth Soglin; Deck/Properties Crew: Madison Kartcheske and Maureen Statland*; Master Electrician/Light Board Operator: Jessica Hansen; Follow Spot Operators: Sahar Steiner and Hannah Wohlman; Fly Operators: John McCreary, Kylie Smith and Martin Wiviott; Sound Board Operators: Braden Gardner and Karen Wallace; Wardrobe Supervisor: Stacey Herman; Costume Mistress: Kyra Sarris; Costume Run Crew: Danielle Brown, Hannah Brown, Stacey Herman, Shaina Kravetz and Rachel Melnik; Box Office Assistant: Jami Lieder*, Wig Assistant: Karen Current; House Manager: Sean Loach; Lighting Crew: Danielle Kropveld, Christopher Nguyen, Margaret Selinger, Kylie Smith and Sahar Steiner; Costume Crew: Stacey Herman, Rachel Kaufman, Shaina Kravetz, Sean Loach, Cindie Spilg-Rogers*, Erin Rourke*, Kyra Sarris, Payge Sarris, Emma Sheffy, Hannah Solan; Shop Manager: Elizabeth Soglin; Scenic Project Manager: Martin Wiviott; and Set Construction: Casey Behrens; Julie Berg-Einhorn*, Abby Bettenhausen, Jason Block*, Kayla Chinitz, Jessica Clark, Zain Dababneh, Gabrielle Dizon, Hannah Doherty, Norman Fox*, Jessica Fucik, Ankit Gandhi, David Gilbert, Jessica Hansen, Sara Helgemo, Matheu Hoegen, Mary Jablowicz, Madison Kartcheske, Rachel Kaufman, Tolga Kester, Shaista Khan, Danielle Kropveld, Jessica Kropveld, Bella Levavi, John McCreary, Joseph Nagler, Allison Newman, Christopher Nguyen, Jacob Rosenberg, Nathaniel Schetter, Julia Schneider, Molly Scanlon*, Martina Scofano*, Jacob Shor, Kylie Smith, Elizabeth Soglin, Spencer Soglin, Maureen Statland*, Sahar Steiner, Diane Sucherman-Behrens*, Yourtana Sulaiman, Karen Wallace, Hannah Wohlman, Martin Wiviott and Mary Helen Youseph.

The Pit Orchestra:  Sophia Huang, Debby Hwang, Judy Kim, David Caplan, Michelle Katz*, Brianna Nielsen*, Aaron Dorfman, Josh Hoffman-Peterson, Anna Aussman*, Matthew Harris-Ridker, Daniel Aisenberg, Ethan Soo, Luke Dorais, Lyka Ando, Ben Shapiro, Nikko Frani, Mia Torres, Sharon Jacobson-Stine*, Sandy McCurdy, Brian Cua, Tony Yao, Mitch Cassman*, Alexis Moy, Juliana Tichota, Megan Crane, Robert Dietz, Anita Turner-Baker, Andrew Goldberg and Madeleine Howard*. Assistant Pit Director, Lucy Chavez.