About Fine Arts Parents & Patrons

Niles North Fine Arts Parents & Patrons, Ltd.

Incorporated as a not-for-profit charitable organization Dec. 19, 2000, the primary purpose of Niles North Fine Arts Parents & Patrons is to foster, promote and expand community support of the Niles North Fine Arts. Our goals are simple, but essential:

  1. To ensure that the fine arts are part of a complete, well-rounded education at Niles North High School.
  2. To offer aid in helping fine arts students reach their full potential.
  3. To help enhance the overall experience of fine arts students.
  4. To help increase student participation in, and exposure to, fine arts activities.
  5. To increase parent and community involvement in supporting fine arts activities.
  6. To improve communication between fine arts parents, students, teachers, school administrators and the community.

Your membership dues and donations support the activities of the organization:

  1. Our Student Grant Program assists fine arts students to pursue lessons, classes and programs not offered for credit in school.
  2. Honorariums and Grants provide essential funding for field trips, visiting artists, special educational activities and workshops for Niles North Fine Arts groups.
  3. Communication projects keep parents and the community informed on the activities, achievements, events and fundraisers sponsored by the Niles North Fine Arts Department.

It’s easy to become a member. Please join us and help us continue our FINE mission. To make a secure online donation through PayPal, click HERE.

Executive Service Board

Lisa Omori

Monica Potempa

Allison Rickett

Carolyn Adams

Please email us at info@nnfap.org if you have any questions or comments.

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