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See MUSEUM today and tomorrow, Friday, 11/21 and Sat, 11/22


Niles North presents “Museum,” by Tina Howe, a lively, last day at an art museum exhibition on November 20 through 22. Join a wide-ranging group of visitors as they pass through the exhibit and express their devotion, disgust, and disregard toward the work of three contemporary artists. Works in the exhibition have been created by Niles North artists. Performances are 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Friday, November 21 and Saturday, November 22. Tickets are $10. “Museum” will be presented in the Niles North Drama Performance Center, 9800 Lawler Avenue, Skokie.

The ensemble for “Museum” includes:  Zain Dababneh, Callie Folke, Lena Folke, Sania Kanji, Rachel Kaufman, Elizabeth Keegan, Alex Monte, Uche Nwanse, Martina Scofano, Violette Shearer, Desirae Smith, Emma Vaughan, Kati Yau, David Gilbert, Sean Loach, Esho Rasho, Geoff Schmelzer, Eric Simon, Andrew Teague and Martin Wiviott.

“Museum” is directed by Annaliisa Ahlman. Other production staff:  Barbara Reeder, Scenic Designer/Technical Director/Lighting Designer; Teresa Ripley, Costume Designer; Lori Real, Art Director; Brian Fallon, Hair Designer; Madison Kartcheske, Stage Manager; Simon Gebremedhin, Assistant Director; Matheu Hoegan, Properties Designer; Julia Melnick, Sound Designer; Joanna Vaklin, House Manager; Stacey Herman, Costume Mistress; Robin Wallace, Assistant Lighting Designer; Anita Scanlon, Costume Assistant; Linda Room, Costume Stitcher; Ken Otsuka and Zach Zirlin, Promotional Materials; and Debbie Neitlich and Anne Zavell, Production Assistants. Also:  Natalie Aleman, Jessica Badofsky, Margaret Chen, Liam Coballes, Kevin Dumagpi, Mali Gorovoy, Anna Hershinow, Aisha Khan, Samuel Kim, Jessica Kropveld, Inga Mazur, Carly Rice, Elena Ruiz, Jem Salomon, Ambrina Sayed, Victoria Sorin, Shane Tolentino, Judith Tong and Samantha Tsalas, Set Prop Artists; Danielle Kropveld, Master Electrician; Stacey Herman, Costume Mistress; Chris Njuyen, Light Board Operator; Anaje Silva, Sound Board Operator; Sahar Steiner and Hannah Brown, Deck Crew; Matheu Hoegen and Kylie Smith, Props; Kyra Sarris, Costume Run Crew; Phil Klafta and Carissa Yau, Dramaturgs; Hannah Doherty, Shop Manager; and Jacob Bernstein, Casey Elizabeth Casem, Kayla Chinitz, Najia Huda, Danielle Kropveld, Bella Levavi, Ethan Phillips, Jacob Rosenberg, Margaret Selinger, Spencer Soglin, Sahar Steiner, Yourtana Sulaiman, Emma Vaughn and Robin Wallace, Lighting Crew.