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Musicians Selected for IMEA District 7 Festivals

Niles Township High School District 219 musicians have been invited to perform at the upcoming Illinois Music Educators Association (IMEA) District 7 Festivals. Students from the orchestra, choir and band underwent stringent auditions to qualify for the festivals. Their performances will determine whether these musicians receive an invitation to the All-State Festival in Peoria, IL, January 22 through 25; the most prestigious high school music festival in the state of Illinois, and the highest single honor a high school musician can achieve.

These Niles North students will perform at the IMEA District VII Senior Festival at Crystal Lake Central High School on November 9:

Karli Goldenberg, flute; Daniel Aisenberg, Bb clarinet; Ashley-Faith Ferrer, contrabass clarinet; Daniel Sahyouni, percussion; Jacob Nagler, bass (principal); Robert Sanders, violin; Sally Alvarado, soprano I; Megan Crane, alto I; Michael Hennessy, bass I; Anna Hill, alto I; Roselie Mazor, alto II; Emma Steger, alto I; and Noah Zeidman, bass II.

The following NN students have been selected for the IMEA Jazz Festival which will be held at Lakes Community High School in Lake Villa on November 16:

David Liljewall, guitar; Sally Alvarado, soprano; Jazib Gohar, tenor; and Noah Zeidman, bass.