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Choir and Orchestra Concert Thursday, 10/15, 7:30pm

The Niles North Orchestra under the direction of Jennifer Page and the NN Choir led by director Dan Gregerman will conduct the first concert of the school year at 7:30pm TODAY, Thursday, October 15. ALL WELCOME to this free performance of our outstanding musicians.

The orchestra will be having a Butterbraid fundraiser during the event. Sample one of the delicious varieties after the concert and plan on putting your order in!

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Niles North Theatre presents “Lord of the Flies” Friday, 10/9, Saturday, 10/10

Niles North Theatre presents “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding on October 8 through 10 in the Auditorium at 9800 N. Lawler, Skokie. The classic tale of a plane wreck that strands a group of English students on a deserted island during wartime. As the students explore their new-found freedom, what starts out as fun and games turns into a vicious battle for power. They split into two tribes: one that strives for civility and another that delights in savage violence. The competition escalates into a dangerous, frightening climax, as this thrilling classic looks into the darker parts of human nature.

Performances are 7 p.m. on Friday, October 9 and Saturday, October 10 in the Auditorium. Tickets are $10. Purchase by calling the Box Office at (847) 626-2122 or visit

The cast includes: Jacob Berstein as Ralph, Zac Luna as Jack, Eric Simon as Piggy, Emi Kanda as Roger, Kayla Chinitz as Sam, Lizzie Soglin as Eric, Esho Rasho as Simon, Nicolas Slater as Henry, Nina Codell as Maurice, Martina Scofano as Billie, Emaurie Pelt as Perceval, and Nathaniel Schetter as Naval Officer. Ensemble: Lena Folke, Katie Yau, Nathaniel Schetter, and Lauren Rosenfeld.

The play will be directed by Tyrone Phillips, the artistic director of Chicago’s Definition Theatre Company, and a Niles North alumnus (Class of 2008). Production staff includes Annaliisa Ahlman, Scenic Designer; Barbara Reeder, Technical Director; Michael Rourke, Lighting Designer; Teresa Ripley, Costume Designer; Brian Fallon, Hair Designer; Leila Henry, Choreographer; Sarah Scanlon, Makeup Specialist; Timothy Ortmann, Vocal Coach; Anita Scanlon and Linda Room, Costume Assistants; Ken Otsuka and Zach Zirlin, Promotional Materials; and Debbie Neitlich and Anne Zavell, Production Assistants.

The student production staff includes: Martin Wiviott, Assistant Director; Dani Brown, Stage Manager; Sean Loach and Jessica Hansen, Assistant Stage Managers; Hannah Doherty, Assistant Technical Director; Elizabeth Keegan, Properties Designer; Anajé Silva, Sound Designer; Jacob Rosenberg, House Manager; and Karen Wallace, Assistant Lighting Designer.

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Niles North shoe designs were selected in the top 10 for the NORTHEAST REGION of Van’s Custom Culture Shoe Design Contest!


Please go to this link and vote for Niles North. 
The artists are:
Judith Tong-Skateboarding culture (eyeballs on high tops)
Diana Schlikhtova-Music ( Black with digital wavelengths)
Shane Tolentino-Local culture (Chicago skyline with L track routes)
Elena Ruiz-Art (Van Gogh inspired)

Spread the word and pass it on to your friends and family.

Use digital media to spread the word……..
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NNFAPP Rummage Sale Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Fine Arts Parents and Patrons are hosting a rummage sale to benefit the Niles North Fine Arts departments and student grant program. It will be held in the Niles North parking lot along Old Orchard Road on Saturday, Sept. 28 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Donations will be accepted the day before on Friday, 9/27 and the Saturday morning of the rummage sale. The drop off will be in a truck parked in the lot during the day and early evening hours. If anyone has items to donate, we would gladly accept them.  We’re asking for gently used items and no electronics or computers or any items that require plugging in to an electrical outlet. It would help us greatly if items can be appropriately priced before drop off. Clothing will not need to be priced because they will be sold by the bagful.

Contact Gail Y. Paskind, President of Niles North Fine Arts Parents & Patrons for any questions. Email us at or call (847) 676-1235.

Would you like to volunteer to work the rummage sale? Go to this sign-up link and thank you!

Come and pick up a bargain and help support our fine programming at Niles North High School!