Orchestra Students at the Vic Theater on Monday, Oct. 10

On Monday, October 10, students from the Niles North Symphonic Orchestra will be joining the pop/indie musical artist, Kishi Bashi, at his show at the Vic in Chicago. Kishi Bashi performed at Niles North at our spring orchestra concert last year after we won a national contest that he conducted for high school orchestras. This performance will be the “icing on the cake” as we get to perform at his concert. KB has a new album out and is a singer, violinist and pianist who uses looping and effects in a lot of his music. We would love to see you in the audience if you are free that night! It is an all ages show. Here are the names of the senior musicians who will be performing:

Robert Sanders
Judy Kim
Linda Zukancic
Gabby Ubaldo

Sumona Banerjee
Stephanie Wu

David Caplan
Justin de la Cruz